Mark MalliaMark Mallia

A collection of recent paintings by artist Mark Mallia will be on view from Thursday during an exhibition named Bohemian at Casa Ellul, on Old Theatre Street Valletta.

Mallia is gaining a reputation both locally and in international art circles. At the age of 28, Mallia held his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta.

This successful event won the artist a bursary at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Later, he worked for Pathe, a major film production and distribution company as a story boarder and photographer in France.

It was here that Princess Stephanie of Monaco recognised his talent and commissioned him an exhibition which turned out to be a complete sell out.

Village TopVillage Top

Mark’s secret about his art form is authenticity. “When I make art, first and foremost, I’m seeking to please myself. What counts is that I like the work I am producing,” he says.

This upcoming exhibition features various cityscapes of Valletta among other works. In his art, light is caught in a variety of different ways, mostly by use of colour and texture.

The premises chosen for this event is Casa Ellul, the stylish boutique hotel, whose Victorian architecture and savvy interiors blends so well with any art exhibition.

This is not the first event held at this hotel. Other works by Rene Bo Jokabson, Kris Micallef, Alexia Coppini, Maurizio Russo and Nick Inguanez were all exhibited in the foyer of Casa Ellul.



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