The parish of St Peter and St Paul, Nadur, in collaboration with the Nadur local council, has published a book, entitled Dun Martin: Ħajtu u Ħidmietu.

The publication documents the life and work of Canon Dr Martin Camilleri who served as Nadur’s archpriest from 1910 until his death 100 years ago on September 8, 1921.

Camilleri is credited to have brought together some of the best artists and professionals in order to enlarge and embellish the Nadur church.

These included Lazzaro Pisani, Gianni Vella, Francesco Saverio Sciortino, Pio Cellini and Gianni Bonnici.

The book, edited by Daniel Meilak and with a contribution by Fr Dennis Mifsud, contains his story, set in the local context of the late 19th and early 20th century, together with a photo album documenting his life and works. The book is on sale from Nadur parish office.

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