Over 40 Bank of Valletta employees registered  to donate blood during the latest drive organised in collaboration with the National Blood  Transfusion Service.

“Blood donation drives have become an integral part of our annual CSR calendar,’ said the drive’s organiser Jes Sciberras.

“We are proud of our employees who respond to our call for blood donation each time with enthusiasm. We are even prouder of our first-time donors, who are initially scared but still find the courage to give life to others.”

“We need an average of 60 blood bags a day to keep up with the demands,” said Caroline Farrugia, mobile blood donation coordinator.

“Most people do not fully understand the importance of donating blood until they themselves or someone close to them needs blood. I take this opportunity to thank BOV employees for their generosity and for once again responding to the constant appeal to donate blood.”

To donate blood, visit the National Blood Transfusion Service in Pietà between 8am and 6pm or call 8007 4313 or 7930 7307 for more information.


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