For its 19th consecutive vintage, Delicata’s boutique range of Medina wines received a new livery that reflects its current standing as a premium quality brand.

Don’t expect to see an outrageously different label, though. Already well-established as an award-winning collection of Maltese wines of distinction, the design changes are discreet.

The packaging has been customised with a mind for articulating the wines’ pedigree in a more contemporary light.

The iconic logo depicting il-Bieb tal-Imdina, also known as the Vilhena Gate into the fortified city of Mdina, glints at discerning aficionados longing to discover our island’s award-wining heritage wines.

Positioned below it but now enriched with gold foil and higher tactile embossing on finer paper, the bespoke Medina word mark has become an effective acknowledgment of the brand’s class and credentials.

Delicata’s Medina wines have earned a reputation for their enjoyable distinct regional character. Each tasting note on the small label has been updated to reflect this. The copy informs of the wine’s intrinsic flavours, shaped by the local environs and preserved by Delicata’s craftsmanship.

Winery director Mario Delicata commented: “Our passion is to craft distinctive Maltese wines from our domaine of selected family-run vineyards by nursing our land’s singular regionality. We are excited to be launching the first newly-packaged Medina wines and proud of the classy livery that visually captures and conveys the  brand’s uniqueness and premium quality.”

Overall, the redesign job gives the impression of subtlety and minimalist intervention. This echoes Delicata winery’s winemaking philosophy. Well-suited to the elegance of the Medina wines is for example the bottom-end of the label which got modified with a die-cut in the shape of the brand’s initial ‘M’.

The same clean lines are carried over to the embellished capsules that come in a colour specific for each wine in an attempt to impart a feel for its style.

Although picked from a different palette, the colour coding remains consistent so that brand-loyal wine lovers instantly recognise their favourite.

The main label still shows the small but significant emblem which declares the exclusive use of hand-picked grapes, ripened on mature vines.

Medina is a collection of 11 unoaked wines. Today’s range consists of a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon Blanc, the original blend of Chardonnay and Girgentina, a fruitier combination of Vermentino and Zibibbo, a dry rosé made from Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, a Syrah, a Cabernet Franc, a Merlot, a trio of Syrah with Carignan and Mourvèdre, and a Sangiovese from Malta. The excellent 2018 vintage has also permitted the bottling of the extremely rare red Ġellewża varietal.

Georges Meekers is Delicata’s head of sales and an award-winning wine writer.

Desert island dessert wine

Delicata has released small quantities of the 2017 vintage of the Malta-grown fortified sweet white Moscato in the Grand Vin de Hauteville selection.

There’s something wondrously decadent in a little glass of this sweet and strong (16% vol.) liqueur wine.

It’s eyeing bright and honey-coloured and has a nose of cinnamon and blood-orange rind. The palate is suavely viscous with impressive treacly sweetness and tastes of marmalade apricots, all lifted by limey tartness, making it a desert island choice.

A limited amount of 50cl bottles have been made available for sale to restaurants and wine bars. Delicata Privilege Card holders are entitled to purchase one case directly from the Delicata winery.


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