A lot of people have been victims of negativity and criticism on social media. Whatever you do online, there is always somebody ready to criticise. And when hit by unjustified hate, most people take a step back. But hiding and feeling bad about it is not going to help anyone.

The more you expose the hate you get, treating it with irony and irreverence, the less power it has to cause harm. This is why Diesel has launched Haute Couture, a unique collection designed to do just that: disempower hate.

Diesel took some of the hate the brand received, like “Diesel is dead” and “Diesel is not cool anymore”, showing them with pride and turning them into unique items.

And because no one gets more hate than celebrities, Diesel is kicking this off with a group of polarising global personalities including Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, Bria Vinaite, Tommy Dorfman, Miles Heizer, Yovanna Ventura, Barbie Ferreira, Yoo Ah-In and Jonathan Bellini, to help deliver an important message: "The more hate you wear the less you care."

They chose some of the worst comments they have ever received, and Diesel designed exclusive Haute Couture items for each of them. All these comments are now limited-edition items in the Haute Couture collection.

This new chapter of Diesel communication starts and lives where online hate is born – mostly on social media – with a series of tailor-made videos for each member of this stellar cast.

They dance and ironically celebrate the hate they have received, helping the world experience the campaign message.
Watch the film here: https://youtu.be/lUJtUojXY1k


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