The Matriculation Certificate Course at MCAST's Institute of Business and Commerce

The Institute of Business and Commerce is now in its fifth year as one of the institutes forming part of MCAST and in its 16th year as an institution offering post-secondary education.

During these past years it has successfully bridged the gap between the academic and the vocational showing that these two worlds can successfully work side by side and complement each other.

In fact, one of the courses offered is the Matriculation Certificate Course, a two-year full-time course which has been running for the past 16 years. Students may opt to take the Full Matriculation Certificate Course if they intend to read for a degree at university or find employment.

Alternatively, they may opt to study two or more subjects at advanced level and continue with their studies at MCAST in a vocational course, such as a Higher National Diploma Course within various MCAST institutes.

Why study at the Institute of Business and Commerce? The institute ensures the provision of a high quality service for its students through a holistic education that enables them to improve as individuals equipped with the necessary entrepreneurial skills required in today's knowledge society.

It helps them acquire those qualities that will make them good citizens and diligent workers, able to face new challenges as they arise. This is done through a varied curriculum that enables the student to receive an education beyond the learning taking place in the confines of the lecture room.

Students are encouraged to take part in various national and college activities, such as Young Enterprise, the Mini European Assembly, the Contest for Young Scientists, and others. Students also have their own institute's organisation - Comunio, a dynamic students' group which organises various educational and recreational activities and a lot of voluntary work in the community outside MCAST.

This helps develop the leadership, communicative and entrepreneurial skills of students and also helps them mature and take responsibilities for their actions.

Other activities are also continually being organised to complement the academic side of the curriculum. Various annual conferences are held in different subject areas, such as accountancy, finance, marketing, IT and others.

Students themselves have an active role in the organisation and the running of these conferences. Here, they have the opportunity to follow presentations by local and foreign experts in their specific areas and to discuss relevant issues with them.

Most important is the fact that they are being given the opportunity to meet prospective employers and to understand better what is expected of them at the work place. Employers are also made aware of the potential of our students.

Prospective employers also regularly meet the students and give presentations on campus. Students are also exposed to the prospects of further studies whether at MCAST itself or at university.

Visits to the various faculties at the university are regularly organised and key people from the MATSEC Board meet with staff and students to make sure that everyone is aware of what is being offered and what is expected.

In this way, we make sure that students are being exposed to the various prospects available to them and that they are being prepared both for further studies, and for the world of work. Special attention is given to the quality of the learning-teaching process and to individual development.

Students are given individual attention and are taught in small groups by dedicated and experienced lecturers. Assessment is continuous and complements assignments, tests and examinations.

The MCAST counselling team is always available to help and guide students who may encounter problems. Rules and regulations ensure that a healthy, safe and happy environment is maintained.

Entry requirements for the course are five SEC/GCSE Ordinary Level passes at grade 5/C or better. These must include three subjects from English, Mathematics, Maltese (SEC), Physics or Biology or Human Biology or Chemistry.

Registrations will be held between Monday, July 24 and Friday, July 28, at the Institute of Business and Commerce, Corradino Hill, Paola. Further information may be obtained from the college prospectus or by sending an e-mail to

Ms Pulis is director, Institute of Business and Commerce, and Mr Buttigieg is deputy director.

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