The real estate industry is extremely competitive worldwide and agencies are incessantly striving to set themselves apart from their competition.

One way of doing this is by offering exceptional digital content, which has undoubtedly become a fundamental tool to increase listings and aid the buying and selling of property.

Typical property listings on real estate agency websites include a gallery of photographs which do not form part of any particular context. Some of them are taken by amateur photographers and consequently fail to capture the essence of the property.

A property with plenty of potential and space could thus seem dull and unattractive if judged by poor photography and this is why agencies continually stress on the importance of imagery, lighting and angles.

Dhalia Real Estate Services is aware of the necessity of optimal photography. When property consultants encounter difficulties while attempting to sell property, finely-executed photography can be the defining factor setting their properties apart from others.

Therefore, Dhalia has gone a step further to ensure that the required standards for today’s photography expectations are met, by investing in a unique piece of technology that will change the face of online advertising in real estate on an international level.

This new technology provides an immersive digital model of home interiors, together with detailed measurements of the property as well as an automatically generated floor-plan, thereby providing a complete understanding of the property’s layout.

Finely-executed photography can be the defining factor setting their properties apart from others

Furthermore, the 3D model generated provides a number of stills that could be selected and extracted as singular photos and even enables the creation of a fly through video simulating the experience of being physically present, entirely from a single capture.

This service will be provided solely through Dhalia to clients who are eager to sell their property online in an innovative and unparalleled visual presentation. This service is not only targeted towards residential property but can also be extremely beneficial for people attempting to sell or lease commercial property. This new digital content displays a precise illustration of the property’s space and potential buyers could properly identify whether the property is fitting for the company.

This new 3D technology would also be best suited for upmarket properties, thereby providing them with photography that truly accentuates the property’s features and character. The immersive content will almost certainly increase the number of overseas buyers too, as the 3D models available online would be so detailed and intricate, it could be deemed unnecessary to visit the property in person.

This year, Dhalia has also introduced two new packages for people who are trying to sell their property, namely Select Properties and Luxury Living by Dhalia. People who opt to sell their property through either of these packages would be offered a number of benefits aimed to maximise their property’s exposure and get their property sold in the shortest timeframe possible. In addition to the list of benefits provided, clients would also be offered this new service, thereby boosting the exposure, attraction and interactivity of their listing through this 3D immersive imagery.

Dhalia Real Estate Services is incessantly striving to optimise all endeavours towards marketing its listings. Photography in the local real estate industry is a feature which, if improved, could drastically increase the rate at which properties grab the attention of potential buyers or renters, subsequently leading to faster sales and profits for the seller.

Properties listed with Dhalia can now be showcased in this realistic and unique way. This innovative technology provides an immersive virtual tour that allows the potential buyer to walk through a home without being there physically.

Dhalia also offer the option for clients to upgrade their current listing on our website.

Therefore, through the use of this new technology, a 3D virtual representation will be embedded onto the current listing, replacing the current gallery of photos.

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