A 55-year-old Briton who is wanted in the UK over allegations of defrauding his 82-year-old partner with whom he has been living in G─žajnsielem for a number of years has been remanded in custody after objecting to an extradition request.

Mark Anthony Saunders, was arraigned before Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit, following the issuance of an international arrest warrant from a court in Birmingham on March 1.

Police sources told Times of Malta the case dates back a number of years when, back in the UK, the defendant, who used to work as a care worker, had been engaged by an elderly couple to look after the husband.

Following the latter’s death, the accused had allegedly acquired some properties, half of which were financed by the widow. Subsequently, the defendant entered into a relationship with her and they moved to Gozo in 2016.

During proceedings, lawyer Manuel Mallia, who appeared for the defendant, insisted that this was a malicious case instigated by the children of his client’s partner.

While claiming that this was the second such attempt against the defendant, he insisted that this was more of a civil case than a criminal one.

On his part the accused, who is now retired, insisted that he was looking forward to the proceedings to prove he had moved to Malta at his partner’s request.

The case continues on Thursday when another court will be considering the merits of the extradition request.

Police inspector Mark Galea prosecuted.