Civil society group Repubblika has condemned the “absurd” decision taken by the Broadcasting Authority not to allow journalists’ questions to be broadcast by the national station. 

This, it said, is censorship that is typical of dictatorial regimes. 

The controversy centres around a ruling the BA delivered in June, following a complaint by the Nationalist Party that replies to journalists given by Prime Minister Robert Abela during a press conference were partisan. 

Upholding that complaint, the BA issued a directive to Public Broadcasting Services to stop its transmission before journalists started asking their questions.

Repubblika slammed the BA for the decision, saying that rather than silence journalists, the BA should do its duty to ensure balance and impartiality on all broadcasting media. 

It offered its support to the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM), which has openly condemned the BA decision, and said it expected the authority to retract its decision immediately.

The IĠM has condemned the censorship saying the BA’s decision beggared belief.

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