Hundreds of plastic bottle caps, a huge amount of wood, abandoned fishing gear and kilograms of other rubbish were collected from Paradise Bay during a three-hour clean up earlier this month.

The popular swimming zone tends to accumulate rubbish, which is washed up by the sea.The variety of rubbish piling up, serving serves as a reminder of the huge global waste problem affecting our seas. 

Bottle caps by the bucketload.Bottle caps by the bucketload.

The clean up was jointly organised by a number of environmental NGOs including ┼╗ibel, No to Plastic Malta and environmental activist Raniero Borg, as well as local gaming company Betclic.

Cleaning up the site was not easy, the NGOs said, as the clean up focused on a secluded rocky area of the popular swimming zone which activists and Betclic group workers had to hike down to.

They also took the extra step of separating the rubbish collected in attempt to recycle all that was achievable, thus reducing the amount of waste filling our landfills.

It was the third consecutive year that ┼╗ibel ran a clean up at the bay, following similar events in 2017 and 2018.

This is the first part of the clean up at Paradise bay celebrating World Ocean Day. This forms part of a wider set of initiatives set up by Betclic group in Malta.

The company has already eliminated use of single use plastics such as coffee stirrers, cutlery sets and cups. These have all been replaced by other environment friendly, durable options.

The second phase of the clean up will be held on June 8.


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