Stipends for students will increase by 10 per cent from next year and they will be able to work for longer without the benefit being affected.

Students working part-time up to 25 hours weekly (an increase from 20 hours) will continue to receive their stipend. 

The two measures will give students an increase of €5 million, the minister said during his Budget 2022 speech.

Eligible students studying post-secondary, vocational and tertiary level are entitled to receive a stipend payment every four weeks covering the scholastic year, receiving a total of 10 stipends.

The amount students receive depends on the classification of their course. All courses are divided into three types of classification, ‘general’, ‘prescribed’ and ‘high priority’.

Students following a ‘general’ course receive a stipend of €91.75 every four weeks. The payment will increase to €100.92. 

Students reading a ‘prescribed’ course receive a higher €160.55 per month, which in 2022 will increase to €176.60.

‘High Priority’ course students receive a fixed rate of €332.07 every four weeks. Next year the payment will increase to €365.27.

More investment in apprenticeships 

Other measures for students include an investment in more apprenticeship placements in the private sector.

The Finance Ministry has also budgeted a programme for research and innovation called ‘Go to Market’. 

Further measures include strengthening the professional status of educators, including KGEs and LSEs, irrespective of the education level they teach.

Together with University of Malta, MCAST and the Institute for Education, the government will increase courses for educators to continue their professional training. 

Budget 2022 will see further investment in modernisation and school infrastructure.

Through a €1 million investment, following this year’s pilot project, more students will be doing their SEC exams at the school they attend, to reduce stress, the finance minister said. 

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