Mewġa Mużika, an interactive musical work curated by the Portuguese group Ondamarela, is taking place tomorrow at the Mdina Ditch Gardens at 7pm.

The concept is grounded on cooperation and collaborative work, over several preparative sessions with the participant communities. Based on a sustained research process, it proposes the composing of original music pieces on the specifics of the various communities involved (its music, its references, its memories, its culture and view of the world).

These communities worked intensively with the maestro, Tim Steiner, to form a big orchestra that shall produce a unique and unrepeatable concert, valuing the cultural and symbolic expressions of those communities. The idea is to involve professional orchestra musicians, amateur musicians and musical communities from the most different and eclectic musical backgrounds.

This project reinforces the idea of any citizen being able to take part on an artistic initiative with huge scale and impact in a structured, rigorous and lucid way, giving light at the same time to local musicians (music schools, brass bands, folk groups, choirs). It also grounds itself on the concept of creating a new community as a means to identify links between different people and to promote the building of bridges, through music. 

Rooted in cooperation and collaboration, people of all ages and musical backgrounds have taken part in intensive workshops to create a big community orchestra.

All day

• Culture tree activity by Tal-Kultura
• Freestyle corner – try your hand at an instrument
• Random musical interventions by Ondamarela

• Moving with music session

• Rhythm and percussion workshop
• Greenhouse Malta – The importance of sound in communication in nature

• Solar Cinema – Stop motion workshop

• Body percussion workshop

• Oħloq Kultura – Invented music of cultures (for children)

• Shake it! – Popular street games and movement

• Final performance with 300+ musicians

For more information, visit Mewġa Mużika’s Facebook page.


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