The Malta Business Bureau has unveiled its new brand identity with an event to mark the 15th anniversary of its launch. The 2010 Annual Report, detailing the MBB’s work throughout the previous year was also presented to Finance Minister Tonio Fenech.

Speaking during the anniversary event, MBB president John Huber explained that the MBB board had decided to mark this milestone with an extensive rebranding exercise that captures the core characteristics and mission statement of the organisation.

“The MBB has been keeping the local business community up-to-date with developments taking place at the European institutions for 15 years and the organisation has worked hard to ensure that the local business community is given ample opportunities to express their views on given issues,” he said.

“In recent years, the MBB has stepped up its services and it is entirely fitting that the organisation takes on future tasks with a rejuvenated brand that befits its dynamic and efficient approach to its duties.”

Mr Fenech also addressed the audience and congratulated the MBB for its work in recent years, saying the organisation has helped ensure that the local business community was well informed on EU developments and decisions.

“I can say that there is a high level of awareness on EU affairs among local businesses, and the level of understanding about how the EU can translate into tangible benefits for business is also increasing,” he said.

While he expressed satisfaction about the level of understanding and awareness of EU affairs, he also called on the business community to continue to seek further information and to make good use of organisations, like the MBB, which were specifically set up to assist businesses in voicing their views at an EU level and accessing assistance and funding available to them.

“All stakeholders must work together in this respect, especially if we are to ensure that the local business community continues to strengthen its competitiveness. In this regard, increased innovation investing in R&D is essential and entities such as the MBB are equipped to provide assistance and guidance when it comes to accessing finance that can be channeled towards these aims,” he said.

The MBB new brand identity was also revealed during the event. The new identity aims to capture the MBB’s dynamic approach to its service provision to the local business community. The identity retains a corporate look, yet simultaneously embraces change and development. “The brand was developed bearing in mind that it is the spirit of enterprise that drives Maltese business and as such, the MBB decided to adopt a corporate concept whereby the new logo embodies a sense of motion, of progressive advancement towards one´s goals – to obtain the best possible out of EU membership,” said MBB CEO Joe Tanti.

He continued to explain that the new identity is the graphical representation of the underlying values and the vision steering the way forward for the organisation, a fact that is reflected in the stars’ forward movement. The stars and colours chosen reflect the MBB’s identity and purpose. “The stars evidence Malta’s and the MBB’s close relation to EU affairs, with the logo’s colours being made up of hues of red, gold and blue – the red emphasises our Maltese identity while the gold and blue reflect the European element,” he continued.

The Malta Business Bureau was founded in 1996 and is the voice of Maltese businesses within EU level institutions. The MBB works to ensure that the voice of Maltese businesses is heard in European fora, and it also ensures that it updates and informs the Maltese business community of the developments unfolding in the EU that can be of direct interest to them.

The MBB represents the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association in Brussels and Malta, by liaising directly with European and local counterparts.

For more information one can contact the MBB on or visit the business portal

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