On behalf of the Maltese members of the International Al Jolson Society, I thank Rabat council for re-erecting the bust of Maltese Hollywood actor Joseph Calleia on Saqqajja Square, Rabat. The bust was vandalised a few months after it was inaugurated on October 31, 2005, on the 30th anniversary of Calleia's demise. Calleia starred in 57 Hollywood movies.

We appreciate and are grateful to restorer Michael Agius, who with great ability renewed the bust. Mr Agius is the brother of well-known sculptor Anton Agius who made the bust for free. We are also thankful to anyone who gave a helping hand in erecting the bust again.

It is a great satisfaction for many that the bust of Calleia is back where it was intended to be, including young Eman Bonnici who was the promoter of the bust.

We sincerely hope that Joseph Calleia's bust will never be vandalised again. The well-known Hollywood actor Calleia was an honour to Malta and many, especially in the US, still remember his wonderful career.

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