People get the government they deserve said some old sad sage.

Two years ago, we the people chose a party that breathed and gave life to buzzwords. Big beautiful buzzwords. And life was breezy, life was bliss.

Marketing themselves as the new party with new policies and no ideology, they were swept to power, in their turn sweeping away all the old, festering PN ideas. The new boys—and some girls—were the new flavour and their buzzing world materialised for them and the few around them.

Buzzwords got them in and buzzwords seem to have remained their mantras.

One of the main words used back when they were fresh and aiming at getting into power was meritokrazija. They screamed it day in day out. The people were mesmerised.

Pity that once they were in, the gloss dissolved, the words had to be turned into action, and all we are left with is not a buzzword but a reality—as some have suggested all they do and touch is more like medjokrazija.

Valletta which promised so much is turning into one of our capital nightmares with grossness ruling. Leading architects and other personalities all cry in shame. Piano, the world-renowned architect bemoans what has been turned into a joke with hawkers going not just to town but to the heart of the city. Piano is dumped by a minister who should lie low and ideally hide in one of his flowing, supposedly discovered, oil-wells.

All this talk of V18 and capital of culture is vacuous, symptomatic of the utter disdain everything is held in right now in this country.

The roads, the traffic, the filth, the odd goings-on of some ministers, the complete disappearance of others, the debatable appointments of labour-leaning incompetents, the list goes on. Add on the mad money to be squandered on carnival-land, the bus company that promises and does not deliver: this and more from a government that tends to hear and disregard.

The buzz wordsmiths promised we would be the best in Europe, a country with no divide, where the politics of old would be dumped.

Talk is dirt cheap but putting it into action is turning Joseph Muscat’s government into a travesty and worse.

Whenever something goes wrong or is done badly by this government we hear the old idiocy that the PN did it too, so it’s fine to carry on in the same verve. Who cares what those people, the PN, did? We want you, the new messiahs, to deliver us into the heaven you said you had planned, road-mapped and ready to go.

Move over meritocracy and such silly words. Medjokrazija reigns supreme.


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