Joseph Muscat's failure to act following the latest 17 Black revelations showed that the members of Cabinet are not all equal in his eyes, the Democratic Party said on Monday. 

"Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat is responsible for what is happening and is displaying a lack of decency towards the position he holds and his duty towards the country," the party said in a statement.   

"Without doubt, there are members of the PL government and members of the PN Opposition whose code of conduct is deplorable, but because this behaviour comes from both sides of the House does not mean that Joseph Muscat can renege on his responsibilities towards members of his executive."

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It said it had long demanded the suspension of chief of staff Keith Schembri and Minister Konrad Mizzi.

"The reasons are obvious. They are both members of the Executive and their mere presence influences the Cabinet which is obliged to investigate them in a timely and complete manner. This should have been done long ago, however, it appears that Dr Joseph Muscat wants to continue dragging his feet in this regard.

"It is clear that for the Prime Minister, the members of Cabinet aren’t all equal in his eyes. Dr Joseph Muscat has favourites. In the past, Dr. Joseph Muscat had removed Minister Emanuel Mallia and Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Michael Falzon due to misdemeanors by members of their staff. It also appears that as far as Dr Joseph Muscat is concerned, what he said as Leader of the Opposition prior to 2013 doesn’t apply to him as Prime Minister."

The PD said it was also apparent that the Police Commissioner does not act on information given against certain people close to Castille and this is giving rise to further disquiet and the belief that impunity is rampant in Malta.



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