A 59-year-old German man, a member of the CABS bird hunting monitoring group, was slightly injured in an argument with a Maltese man in Safi yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for CABS told timesofmalta.com that the incident happened in the same place where CABS on the day before had filmed illegal trapping and filed a report to the police. The police found the person involved and will be taking him to court.

Yesterday, while another CABS patrol was in the area, somebody suddenly came out of a house and punched the German man in the face, knocking him down. The man, 40, was arrested by the police. 


Separately, Lino Farrugia, secretary of the FKNK hunters' federation, writes in The Times today that a CABS local representative was found guilty in the Gozo court of invasion of private property.

Mr Farrugia said he had filed the report in April and the police prosecuted.

Mr Farrugia referred to the timesofmalta.com report entitled 'No Invasion Of Privacy In Drone Flights' ( October 1) and said this did not mean that CABS had permission to fly the drone in question.

This was confirmed by the Prime Minister himself in Parliament, at the time.

'Furthermore, the footage seen by the Commissioner of Data Protection may not be the entire footage shot by the drone.'