Calamatta Cuschieri has completed 20 capital market transactions in four years as it seeks to help businesses grow by assisting them in raising funds or listing through the capital markets. 

Calamatta Cuschieri’s roles included those of sponsoring broker, corporate advisor or manager and agent to transactions that ranged from issuing of bonds, take overs or dematerialization, listing and agent forming part of a capital markets transaction.

Darin Pace, head of Capital Markets at Calamatta CuschieriDarin Pace, head of Capital Markets at Calamatta Cuschieri

The companies involved varied in size and in the sectors they operate in,  from real estate, hospitality and manufacturing to pharmaceutical and the retail sector.

“Calamatta Cuschieri’s capital markets team assists local and international clients with all types of corporate market transactions and related services,” Darin Pace, head of Capital Markets said.

Our capital markets team has built up the relevant experience through the completion of a number of diverse deals over the last couple of years.”

He added that the capital markets offering included main market, prospects multilateral-trading facility (MTF) as well as the Institutional Financial Securities Market (IFSM) – all operated via the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE).

The main market is the official list of the MSE and equities, funds and bonds can be listed on this list. Prospects MTF provides financing for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and through this vehicle, such companies can raise capital by issuing bonds or shares. The IFSM is specifically designed for the institutional investors and is regulated by the MSE under the Wholesale Securities Market listing rules. 

Looking ahead, Mr Pace added: “2019 promises to be a record year for Calamatta Cuschieri capital markets team with a good number of transactions expected to take place during the course of the year.” 



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