Q: I paid a deposit on an item I wanted to purchase, and although before the actual purchase I changed my mind, I still went ahead with the sale.

Since on the receipt it was clearly written that I had up to five working days to return the purchased item, I went to the shop to return it. However, the seller is refusing to take it back. What are my rights?

A: As consumers we do not have the right to ask for a remedy if we change our mind about a purchase. This right only applies if the product purchased turns out to be defective or does not conform to the contract of sale.

However, if at the time of sale the seller promises to accept returns of sold items and the consumer has evidence of such a promise, then the seller is obliged to honour the pre-sale agreement.

Hence, as long as you return the unwanted and unused item within the stipulated time-limit together with the receipt, the seller must at least allow you to exchange the item with something else.

If the seller refuses, you should first write an official complaint to the seller to have proof that you tried to exchange the unwanted product within the time limit, and afterwards, if need be, file a complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs.