The third of a series of six TV movies, ‘Souvenir’ which benefited from financial incentives offered by the Malta Film Commission for filming in Malta will be aired tomorrow evening on Canale 5 at 9.10pm.

The cycle of six TV movies, are the result of a US/Italy Co-Production between Leader Film Company and Dolphin Entertainment (USA) and assisted by the Malta Tourism Authority between the period April 2010 and June 2011. The six movies have been directed by three different directors whose fathers or grandfathers are famous directors of Italian horror films in the seventies. They include Lamberto and Roy Bava (son and grandson of Mario Bava, respectively) and Edoardo Margheriti (son of Anthony Margheriti). The film uses various locations in Malta including Ghammieri, Zurrieq, Corradino, and Fgura.

 ‘Souvenir’ was directed by Edoardo Margheriti and the story revolves around Sebastian Brody (Demetri Goritsas), a former profiler who worked with the FBI. When his wife is murdered before his eyes by an escaped serial killer, who once he brought to justice, Sebastian leaves everything behind to move to Sicily much loved by his wife to start a new life and try his hand at writing his first novel. Wandering the Sicilian countryside, Sebastian finds the house that suits him: a nice house a bit antiquated, with a large park; which he rents from real estate agent Domenico (Nicolas Vaporidis), who takes care of the estate and helps in the maintenance.

One night, because of a lightning storm, the electricity goes off. Sebastian goes into the shed to sort it out but in the dark, trips on a cable and pulls down a metal shelf where he discovers a hidden niche in the wall, which contains a box. He makes a gruesome discovery, in this box, he finds six female scalps.

The scalps are said to be trophies, in all probability, of a serial killer who operated in the area twenty five years earlier, who the press dubbed "The Hairdresser" and who was never caught. Sebastian ends up working on the case with inspector Isabelle Leoni (Giorgia Surina) and Superintendent Anzalone Bruno (Richard Day) to trace the steps of the '"Hairdresser", as a result, the serial killer strikes back!

The Malta Film Commission as an entity has the task of being an ambassador for the Maltese film industry and acts as a liaison between both local and foreign companies catering for the needs of the film-servicing sector. It is also the focal point of assistance, information and communication for foreign production companies interested in shooting in Malta. For information about the Film Commission visit


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