As Malta’s authorities engaged in an open discussion on how this nation should treat law-abiding cannabis users with dignity, a Maltese academic risked tarnishing the name of an entire university faculty just to promote his personal anti-cannabis stance, ReLeaf, Malta's legalisation movement said.

It was referring to a statement by the Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, Andrew Azzopardi's on Friday in which he said regulating the use of cannabis around a harm reduction rationale would not solve anything and the dangers of the underground illicit drug trafficking would remain active and lively.

ReLeaf said it would continue to condemn any and all harmful comments that could only result in the perpetuation of a stigma that forced Maltese cannabis users to remain hidden out of fear of being judged, fired from their jobs, and kicked out of their families.

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"We also strongly condemn misuse of the name of a University Faculty that, we believe, is meant to help push society forwards, and not take Malta backwards into darker, more judgemental times... regressive comments like these are based on outdated literature and disproved arguments based on fear."

ReLeaf reiterated its call for a strong educational campaign to combat such harmful, "holier-than-thou" rhetoric, since this aimed to interrupt the incredible efforts being undertaken by numerous individuals who hoped fora better future where cannabis users could live in peace, recognised as the non-harmful and equal citizens they were.

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