Ferrari Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz took out one of the company's Dino 246 GT models for a spin around Ferrari's Fiorano track. 

The Spanish driver described the experience as "raw", saying: "I didn't imagine it was going to be so different to the thing that we do nowadays."

Introduced in 1969, the two-seater Dino 246 GT was a popular addition to the Ferrari lineup. Until production stopped in 1974, it went through three modifications. While it had a nearly identical design to its 206 GT predecessor, the body was longer with a larger engine cover.

The Dino had a 148 cubic-inch, cast-iron V6 engine with cylinder heads composed from a silumin alloy. With a five-speed transmission, the 246 GT could deliver 195 hp to the rear wheels and reach a top speed of 146 mph.

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