Caroline Muscat will be leading the PN election campaign as campaign director.

Ms Muscat has resigned her post as news editor at the Times of Malta with immediate effect and will also be resigning from her role as vice-chair of the Institute of Maltese Journalists.

“Throughout my life I have always avoided being partisan because of my role as a journalist, but I now feel that I must take a stand. I am giving up my journalism career because I have been left with little doubt that this government is riddled with corruption,” she said.

“Journalists are unable to do their job with the clamp down on information and lack of transparency that has become the hallmark of this government. This situation is damaging our country and is a threat to democracy.”

Prior to working in journalism Ms Muscat worked as a campaigner on various projects and causes both in Malta and abroad for over 20 years.

She was the journalist who exposed the Gaffarena scandal, among others.

“That scandal gave me real insight into the lengths those close to this government are prepared to go to serve their interests. It was not the first, nor the last of the scandals to rock this government,” she said.

“I have decided to accept this role within the Nationalist Party because I believe that Simon Busuttil can lead the PN to form a strong alternative government that puts the national interest first,” she said.

Ms Muscat holds a Masters degree in Mass Communications. She is the most recent winner of the national news award as well as the environmental journalism award. She has also won two journalism awards by the European Commission for her work on human rights.

“My first priority will be to put together a team that will be focused on listening to people's needs and concerns, and in turn communicating how the Nationalist party will bring about the change this country needs,” she said.

Resignation accepted

Allied Newspapers acknowledged receipt of Ms Muscat’s letter of resignation as news editor and accepted it with immediate effect.

The company thanked Ms Muscat for her sterling service and tireless commitment to journalism.

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