Police investigators have seized a boat which they believe was the site from which one of Daphne Caruana Galizia's murderers sent the SMS that triggered the car bomb that killed her. 

Sources told the Times of Malta that the car bomb that blew up Daphne Caruana Galizia was triggered by an SMS sent from a cabin cruiser out at sea.

Investigators said George Degiorgio, known as Ic-Ciniz, is believed to have sent the fatal SMS after allegedly being given the go-ahead from his brother Alfred, known as il-Fulu, who was staking out the Caruana Galizia residence in Bidnija.

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The third man being charged with the murder – Vince Muscat known as il-Koħħu – is believed to have been a look out from another vantage point.

“This was part of their tactic, which they planned out for some time, to throw any investigators off the scent. Luckily they did not manage and we are very confident in the case we have against them,” the sources said.

The cabin cruiser has since been impounded by the police who hope to pull DNA and GPS evidence from it to help in their case.

Eyewitnesses had reported seeing a cabin cruiser being transported under heavy police escort on Monday afternoon, the day police raided multiple locations across the island. 

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