I am the veterinarian that was involved in the incident of the poor kitten stuck in the car engine in Swieqi on Monday morning.

I was disappointed to find the information in the article slightly inaccurate making me appear as the villain!

I was called to go on site in Swieqi as a kitten was trapped around a car's engine and the CPD personnel were unable to release it.

I went on the spot without delay and got under the car to assess the situation. I decided to first sedate the kitten but didn't manage to release it, so tight was the leg caught around the shaft of the engine.

I could assess that the skin was badly ripped and that there was a possibility of the leg being fractured.

The kitten was also in extreme pain and so I decided to perform euthanasia under the car.

Once the kitten was dead I was able to dislodge the leg without inflicting further pain and could verify that the kitten would have had to be put down just the same, so extensive were the injuries.

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