In 2017, Pope Francis, during the Congress organised to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the Catholic Action said: “It is essential that Catholic Action be present in prisons and hospitals, in the streets, in slums, in factories. Otherwise, it will be an elitist institution with nothing to say to anyone, including the Church itself. I desire a Catholic Action present among people: in the parish, in the diocese, in towns and in neighbourhoods, in the family, in offices and workplaces, in the countryside, in all spheres of life.”

Dar Reġina Pacis in Balzan, the latest project by the Catholic Action.Dar Reġina Pacis in Balzan, the latest project by the Catholic Action.

This is the reason why the Maltese Catholic Action (AKM) felt the need, more than ever before, to make better use of the properties it is responsible for, and which are not being used to their full potential. One social project which has just been launched is Dar Reġina Pacis in Balzan. In the past, this property was used for the formation of adults and is now in dire need of maintenance. AKM studied the possibility of adapting the premises and explored alternative ideas and dreams.

This property consists of two rooms and a bathroom at ground level and a further three rooms on the first floor. The Maltese Catholic Action will be developing a space at ground level which can continue to be used for pastoral work in the community, and also restructure the first floor level so it can be used as a temporary shelter for a family or a small group of people in need.

Since the number of people without a roof over their head is on the increase, it is envisaged that the first floor would consist of a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms which can sleep up to four. Those using the premises will be doing so on a temporary basis and will also be helped to improve their situation and to live independently.

This project is estimated to cost around €50,000. This includes changing parts of the ceiling, installing roof membranes and installing new water and electricity systems. The premises would then need to be finished and furnished. AKM has already been approached by a private company, Hotjar, which has contributed €15,000 to this project.

“What counts in life is what we actually do to show our love and compassion towards others, especially to the most vulnerable. Let us be a Church that is truly like the beacon of a lighthouse in a port, or a torch carried among the people to enlighten those who have lost their way or who are in the midst of a storm.” (Amoris Laetitia).

Those wishing to contribute should e-mail AKM on or call 2122 2239. One can also donate to the Catholic Action at the Catholic Institute in Floriana or through BOV account no MT27VALL22013000000040023865211.


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