Italian emergency services reported one person dead and at least one missing following severe flooding across the central province of Le Marche yesterday, as they urged people not to leave home and to move to upper floors if necessary.

The worst hit area was Senigallia, where whole streets were flooded and cars floated in muddy waters after the River Cesano burst its banks.

One victim was reported in Senigallia, understood to be a man suffering from a heart condition who was waiting for help from an ambulance that was unable to reach him in time because of impassable roads.

Italy's civil protection was coordinating emergency help. Police and fire service helicopters were coordinating rescue efforts with amphibious vehicles being used to rescue those in need after flooded underpasses and landslides were reported in many areas.

In the village of Vallone people were evacuated to two schools equipped to deal with the emergency and some homes in Chiaravalle remain isolated.