The Chamber of Advocates expressed its reservations in principle to the Bill on judicial appointments which empowers the Prime Minister to appoint members of the judiciary not based on a recommendation from the Commission on Judicial Appointments.

In a statement this morning, the Chamber said it expressed its reservations with the Justice Minister during a meeting.

It told the minister the Bill was not acceptable as proposed and unless it was changed to ensure the Prime Minister is bound by the Commission’s recommendation, except in exceptional circumstances, the chamber could not agree with it.

The chamber also made a number of proposals on other aspects of the Bill, particularly on the number of years of experience required before a lawyer could be nominated to the bench, discipline and pension.

It said the minister showed he was inclined to consider its suggestions. Discussions will continue.


In another statement, the Justice Ministry expressed satisfaction at the "positive outcome" registered following yesterday's meeting.

The ministry said that as the Bill dealt with delicate matters, the government had declared from the very beginning that it would be open to proposals from all interested parties for the Bill to be improved and attract a wider consensus.

The minister thanked the Chamber for its proactive participation and for its proposals.

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