Finding cheap Broadway tickets shouldn’t be a pain if you know the easier ways to get them. While most Broadway shows now feature staggeringly inflated ticket prices, you shouldn’t worry about breaking the bank before checking out this guide.

The presence of online ticketing platforms has made buying tickets to Broadway so much more convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your home. Even better, some websites provide cheap tickets regularly, while apps can notify you about discounted prices on your phone. 

You can get tickets for top Broadway shows like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen at reduced prices at Theatermania and Broadwaybox, and sometimes even up to 50 per cent off. Such discounts may not be for popular shows, but they might still be worth it. 

Another great option is resale websites, where you can flexibly search and purchase tickets. Head over to a ticketing website and find cheap Broadway tickets easily by filtering your options according to the ticket price, seat preference, day of the show, and other factors. 

When you choose to purchase online, you can constantly and easily keep updating about the prices so that you can get the tickets when they are at their lowest rates. Comparing various ticket sites before purchasing is ideal to find the best prices for the seats you want to book.

•    Visit TKTS

Heading over to TKTS discount booths in Manhattan is the traditional way to score heavily reduced-priced tickets to see a Broadway show. You’ll need to go on the same day as the show and stand in line to book the tickets. Except for the biggest shows, you’ll find tickets at discounts up to 50 per cent off most times. 

While Times Square is the most crowded and the most popular, you can also go to South Street Seaport and Lincoln Center to buy the tickets. Remember that TKTS presents the best seats (views) available for the shows, not the cheapest ones. 

You will find a billboard displaying the available shows outside the booths for you to choose from. Since tickets offered in these booths are for the available seats, you might want to have a few shows in mind so that you can have options in case your preferred show sells out.

•    Rush Tickets

You can get tickets called rush tickets on the same day of the show from the box office. Depending on the shows, they are found at a low price of $27 to $40 and are available for purchase once the box office opens, typically around 10am. However, you might want to double-check the timing and availability by checking their website. 

Rush tickets are usually available for shows like Come From Away, King Kong, and Rock of Ages. You’ll have to put in some effort to get a rush ticket as they are always limited in number. Due to its unbeatable price, some people reach the box office early in the morning at around 5, and 6am.

•    Play lotteries

Some productions like Wicked and The Lion King provide cheap tickets through in-person lotteries. To participate in an in-person lottery, fans should reach the box office two hours ahead of the curtain time. After reaching the theatre, you’ll enter your name along with how many tickets you wish to buy on a paper, give it to the staff and wait for the results to be announced after 30 minutes. In case you win the lottery, you will get cheap Broadway tickets for $25 to $35 per piece for seats, usually at the front orchestra section.

Nowadays, digital lotteries are more common among Broadway fans as they are available online through apps or websites. While there is no guarantee that you’d win a ticket, it is still a great option to score cheap Broadway tickets at around $30 to $50. You can increase your chances of seeing a show by taking part in several lotteries.

•    Ticket cancellations

Some fans decide not to attend the show at the last minute and inform the theatre of canceling their tickets. Although it might take a major coincidence for a ticket to get canceled for the show you want to go on the same night, it’s worth the try! The theatre releases canceled tickets just before the show starts, and you might get one if you’re on the line.

•    Standing room

Although limited, some Broadway shows provide standing room tickets on the day of the show. As the name suggests, you would be purchasing a spot to stand behind the orchestra section’s last row. They are inexpensively priced at around $25 and sell out pretty fast. For top-rated shows, fans line up for standing room tickets outside the box office as early as 5 or 6 in the morning.

The biggest perk of getting an SRO ticket is that you’ll save a considerable amount of money while seeing shows with good views. And the disadvantage is that you’ll be standing for at least two hours. It won’t be ideal if you don’t want to be up on your feet for a long time.

•    Head to the box office

If you’re planning to watch a hit Broadway show, getting a discount on the prices won’t be very common. However, you can still minimize the cost by going to the box office. Getting your tickets from the box office will help you steer clear of heavy service fees while getting good seats. 

•    Wait for the right time

While booking your tickets in advance is the ideal option, you might be able to snag cheap Broadway tickets from reseller websites just before the show or the time around it. Even for highly popular shows, some ticketing websites drop their ticket prices right before the shows begin. You can get lucky and score one of these tickets if you get there at the right time!

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