There was a time when people believed that cheaters never prosper. Unfortunately we seem to be living in an age where if you don't cheat you never get anywhere.

Politicians the world over seem to have decided they can get away with anything. In Malta we have the cheating twins who are still in office: Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi are still smiling away, happily going about their business. One of them has been stripped of his portfolio but who cares about such silly details?

Any pedant will quip that it was never proven that these men close to the OPM did cheat. But I believe, maybe because I fell to earth long ago, that a cheat is a cheat even by intention. If you plan it all deviously, and then lie about it, then you should stop because you are exposed, you are as damnable as those who are caught red-handed.

Away from our little fish-bowl we believe there is an ocean where cheats are plenty

But away from our little fish-bowl we believe there is an ocean where cheats are plenty. And, surprise surprise, these cheats get away with it. And sometimes normal, honest people hoot for them. Even I support a cheat and hope she is elected US president.

It's becoming so bad with politicians going to the depths of duplicity that to choose the better candidate for presidency of the top democracy of the world one has to choose the better of two lying, conniving brutes.

Donald Trump is so bad, so damnably wrong on all counts that he makes the battered Hillary Clinton look like a woman who is pure.

Clinton used a Gmail account — while holding one of the top positions in the US administration — to carry on doing business, which sounds terribly shady. She tried covering it up but was exposed. However, her sin and her lying will not change the fact that in these desperate times she is a godsend.

If Trump wins the presidency, not even an army of gods will stop the US, and with it a load of other countries, from going down the chute.
He is a lying, deceitful bigot, a racist, a fraud and a misogynist. He has no policy, no vision and no interest in being diplomatic or truthful.

Lies, duplicity, cheats are taking over our world. What future for the world if this happens in top positions with a dazzling spotlight shining on them? How can the lesser mortals of the world be expected to abide by the strict rules laid down by society?



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