Children needed to be attracted to voluntary work at an early age if the sector was to continue flourishing, according to the head of the Voluntary Sector Council.

“We know that youths, and in particular children, need to be targeted to sustain the sector and vitalise voluntary work for the years ahead,” said Noel Camilleri who heads the council.

He was speaking from the sidelines of a press conference announcing a series of voluntary work-related activities which will be held over the coming months to mark 10 years since the council was first set up.

Mr Camilleri, himself a veteran in the voluntary sector, said the council would be going around schools and holding outreach events to attract newcomers. 

“We want to ask them what kind of work they would want to do, and guide them on how to go about getting involved,” he said.

“Voluntary work is fulfilling and a vital part of society and we want children to know the value of this from an early age.”

Mr Camilleri was quick to add that there was no shortage of youths participating in voluntary work, but he wanted to ensure that the “future remains bright”.

He was joined by the newly-appointed Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, Anthony Abela Medici, who said certain youth organisations faced funding problems that he was seeking to address.

“Many of the student organisations face a similar problem, their executive members graduate and the paperwork remains incomplete,” he said.

“This can hinder future members of the organisation from tapping funds. It is something we are currently looking into.”


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