Valletta Council is trying to establish who owns the  refuse truck seen being driven in Republic Street during the late evening on Saturday, while the street was packed with Christmas shoppers.

A picture of the truck was uploaded by Jason Micallef, chairman of the V18 Foundation, who said that what had taken place was disgraceful. He also hit out at the government and the council for not doing anything about it. 

"How sweet, this refuse truck drove up Republic Street for some Christmas shopping," he commented sarcastically. 

Valletta Mayor Alexiei Dingli said the council does not collect refuse from the city center any more, only the government does, but this was not a government truck either.

This, he said, was a private refuse truck that had gone into the city centre without a permit at a time when the city centre was closed to all vehicles. 

"We're trying to identify the owner so that action can be taken against him," Prof Dingli said. 


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