Old photos have a particular tone. It’s like a patina which, unlike the ‘loud’ gloss of the present, whispers of happy memories.

Describing his favourite Christmas photo in Christmas Times, Nicholas de Piro d’Amico Inguanez recalls a moment – captured in the sepia tones of an old photo – of the family gathered on Christmas Day in 1971. The drawing room is decorated for the festive season. The presents wait for their moment of ripped glory. And the Christmas tree sits on the grand piano, strutting its hour upon the stage. “It’s a glimpse of something that is no more,” Marquis de Piro says. “A painful and happy memory.”

Christmas Times, out tomorrow with the Times of Malta, packs an assortment of memories from Christmases past. But not only. The present makes an appearance in the form of cribs, ideas for eco-friendly festivities, roasts, bakes, panto wardrobes and glam fashion ideas. And the future takes shape of resolutions for a better year. Christmas Times is produced and published by Allied Newspapers Ltd.

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