The church’s Peace and Justice Commission has prepared a reflection document based on the church’s social teachings in preparation for May’s European Parliament elections.

The document, which may be read here, is intended to serve as a tool for Christians to continue carrying out their duties and responsibilities in society which did not start and end with voting but continued in everyday life.

It speaks on social and environmental issues which affect Maltese and European societies, and is aimed to be used by priests in preparation for Sunday homilies during lent, as well as by those who wanted to reflect on their role as Christians in society.

The reflections are based on the gospel and human stories dealing with

* social justice, the distribution of wealth and opportunities, poverty and social exclusion;

* safeguarding the environment, including food waste;

* global peace and the reality of arms exports;

* respect to human rights and dignity, which are threatened by unjust economic practices.

The themes relate to a document launched by the Justice and Peace Europe commissions. They focus on the four issues which require solutions at a European level and which the JPE would like to see implemented in the EP’s next legislature.

They affect people directly and indirectly and were linked to daily choices.

The commission said it was not saying that these proposals to be the best or the only ones Europe needed but it was trying to shed light on how the Christian faith could enhance daily living in society in a practical manner.


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