Civil society activists are set to hold a fifth protest in Valletta on Wednesday evening as developments continue in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation.

Repubblika, Occupy Justice and blogger Manuel Delia called a demonstration at 6pm outside parliament.

“We are urging people to continue to protest while parliament is in session,” Mr Delia told Times of Malta.

“Joseph Muscat is an obstacle to justice for as long as he stays in office, he needs to go and if he doesn’t parliamentarians need to remove him.”

The protests started last week following the arrest of businessman Yorgen Fenech, who is being investigated as a person of interest in the murder investigation. Fenech is the owner of secret company 17 Black, which was shown in an email as being the vehicle for funds to be deposited into secret companies belonging to then minister Konrad Mizzi and then chief of staff Keith Schembri. Both had denied wrongdoing but the prime minister is being criticised for having kept the two in office until Fenech was arrested. 

Repubblika president Vicki Ann Cremona said that they would keep protesting as long as pressure needs to be kept up.

“What we want the government, and really the Labour Party, to know is that we’re not telling it to step down, we are telling its corrupt members to step down,” Prof Cremona said.

“They have a huge majority and they need to start cleaning up the mess these people have made.”

A separate citizen protest, dubbed Power to the People, will also be held at 5.30pm, at the Tritons fountain in Valletta.

In a statement the organizers of the protest said they would be protesting in a “non-partisan space and allow young people and those fed up of the dry political channels to let their voices be heard”.

“We are creating a space, led by young people, to demand justice and break away from the broken political system which has led us to where we are.”

This protest is being organized by Emma Portelli, Sarah Portelli, Julian Delia, Suzi Mifsud, Tammy Fenech, Becky Vella, Bon Sewf, Tammy Fenech, Tina Urso and Sam Vassallo.

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