Hundreds of pieces of clothing dumped in Ħal Far have prompted more patrols of the area.

Earlier this week, the government’s Cleansing and Maintenance Division was called to the area just off Żurrieq after a large bundle of clothes and several suitcases were dumped there.

According to Local Government Minister Owen Bonnici, who is responsible for public cleansing, the Żurrieq council had only recently cleaned up the place.

While the cleansing department regularly cleans up large amounts of illegally dumped waste, the Ħal Far incident prompted puzzlement as it was only clothes and some suitcases that were thrown away. 

Cleared more than 8,500 tons of waste that was illegally dumped

Contacted about the matter, a spokesman for the ministry told Times of Malta that following the incident, Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) gave instructions for “more patrolling by Community Officers in the area”. 

“A senior official from LESA went on the spot and reported that the things dumped were essentially clothes, some of them in packages which were open,” the spokesman explained.

Asked whether the specific case was being investigated, the spokesman did not say. Replies to questions asking if the authorities had any information about where the clothes came from or who had dumped them there were also not forthcoming.

According to the government, the cleansing department has so far this year cleared more than 8,500 tons of waste that was illegally dumped.