The majority of Maltese workers favour moving away from a ‘typical’ office environment, according to a survey conducted by Regus, a global workplace provider.

The survey found that across the globe co-workers are seen as the most relaxed and balanced workers.

Co-working is a style of work that sees employees of different companies working in a shared office environment.

Two-thirds of business people globally (66 per cent) report that co-workers have a better work-life balance and are therefore more able to juggle the competing demands of personal and work life. Sixty-two per cent of Maltese respondents agreed with this.

Over 70 per cent of Maltese workers who work from home said co-working could play an important role in combating loneliness, while 54 per cent said it would help them live a healthier lifestyle. The survey found that greater choice of location along with a better social environment probably contributed to lowering stress levels and users of co-working spaces were seen to enjoy more diverse friendships and relations.

Through co-working,staff are gaining a greater freedom of work location, which in turn helps reduce wasted travel and commute time

Maltese business people also think that, compared to homeworkers, co-workers enjoy better access to technology. Mauro Mordini, Malta’s country manager at Regus, said that co-working is growing in popularity and was not merely limited to start-ups and sole traders.

“The corporate world is increasingly moving towards more flexible working models, and employee demand is certainly driving it in the direction of the more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere found in co-working spaces,” Mr Mordini said.

“Through co-working, staff are gaining a greater freedom of work location, which in turn helps reduce wasted travel and commute time, greatly improving the way they manage their work-life balance.

“Another important benefit of co-working spaces is socialisation: business people globally see co-working spaces as the ideal environment to mix with workers from different industries and types of firms.

“But regular homeworkers are the ones that have most to gain from co-working as they are able to access better technology and get out of a lonely rut,” Mr Mordini said.

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