A coalition government is “pie in the sky” and not a topic for discussion, according to Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Arnold Cassola.

Prof. Cassola was approached after Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said on Tuesday’s edition of Times Talk that he would not rule out the possibility of forming a coalition with AD prior to the next election.

Prof. Cassola said he had “no reaction”, adding he would not be drawn into speculation and “science fiction “We are focusing on the here and now: the local council elections and the spring hunting referendum. The general election is far off. It’s not a matter up for discussion.”

However, political observers do not believe a coalition government is impossible.

Historian Henry Frendo said the idea should not be dismissed because it had happened twice in the 1950s under George Borg Olivier, who formed a coalition government with the Malta Workers’ Party.

Political observer Hermann Schiavone noted that, in the world of politics, what could seem impossible now may well not be excluded from happening in the near future.

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