Coldwell Banker will shortly be hosting its annual Gen Blue 2019, thereby becoming the epicentre of the real estate world between March 18 and March 20, 2019. The international real estate service leader, as in previous event editions, will probably be exceeding expectations once again. Suffice to say that the three-day event will be hosted at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas which, in itself is an outstanding venue.

Coldwell Banker brings together people from across the globe.Coldwell Banker brings together people from across the globe.

What is the Generation Blue experience? More than just an annual event from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Gen Blue is an experience like no other in the industry. In a nutshell it is a celebration of the values Coldwell Banker is founded on, and an event where the best agents in the world gather to network and share best practice.

It is also an event that has more than just run-of-the-mill speakers normally presenting at other industry events. It is so much more than just sitting in a hotel ballroom for consecutive days, Generation Blue is truly a unique and special experience.

The conference originally began in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2011 when Coldwell Banker redefined its former International Business Conference. The thrills, unexpected moments and world-class learning opportunities over the years have included such highlights as ‘The Social Media Smack down’ between noted industry speakers Matt Ferrara and Mike Ferry on the virtues of marrying technology and traditional sales tactics and the ‘Great Housing Debate’ between Republican Karl Rove and Democrat Robert Gibbs about the role housing would play in the 2012 presidential election.

Friends star and Coldwell Banker marketing team member Tom Selleck, thought leader David Shing and the social media icon Chris Brogan also featured as speakers in past editions. The unforgettable performances from The Young People’s Chorus of New York, The Roots and many more outstanding artists made Gen Blue an experience one cannot afford to miss.

More than just an event. It’s an experience like no other

Representatives of Coldwell Banker Malta have attended Gen Blue events in the past, and will be present at the up and coming Gen Blue 2019 in Las Vegas. All participants will be able to network with thousands of real estate services consultants, managers, investors and coaches to learn about market trends and share their best practices.

The annual event is not only a place for real estate agents to learn and improve, but is also packed with fun activities, parties, entertainment and several ‘Wow’ factor moments that Gen blue celebrations are known the world around for.

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