Coldwell Banker Malta master franchisers have been working closely with website designers to transform and update their Maltese website. The design overhaul on the site was initiated to provide users with an experience and site performance worthy of the brand. 

The new website is designed with the latest real estate technology governing its back end, namely the implementation of Propertybase, one of the world’s leading property brokerage CRM and marketing software tools. This customer relationship management system has set the go-to software standard for real estate agencies worldwide, garnering praise through its wide-ranging functionality and data organisation capabilities and making the lives of agents easier.

Designers working on the new site have also implemented a number of features to ensure that performance levels are kept high within acceptable perimeters, allowing users to navigate without needing to wait for excessive loading times on pages.

Software upgrades have also been translated to newer visual and graphical modifications. The new website will enjoy a clean look, allowing users to focus on only the necessary information. While pages are now easier to navigate, there is also a high sense of accessibility and functionality, allowing users to pinpoint specificinformation of interest they wish to view.

An improved functional search bar has been redesigned for the main page of the site, constructed with the intention of allowing users to easily locate properties based on any of a number of specific criteria. 

In an effort to become a one-stop location for anything related to the property industry, a frequently updated blog exploring facts about the Maltese Islands, the property market and any information pertaining to similar subjects will frequently feature as reading material. The website will also include a section of Coldwell Banker service testimonials by customers. 

For more information, call 2339 2339, e-mail or

Coldwell Banker Malta is a real estate services business unit within Famalco/Building Business.


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