Police offers stationed in Comino were left out to dry after a boat which was used to ferry them to the islet broke down and no alternatives were offered, sources told Times of Malta.

The boat, owned by the police, was used by police officers stationed in Comino to travel to Gozo. It allegedly broke down around the end of August, however, no alternative vessel was provided for the assigned officers to report for duty on the smaller island.

Instead, the sources said, police officers have been left to find alternate transportation to Comino themselves, relying solely on the benevolence of private operators to give them a lift to work.

Sources expressed concern with the arrangement, as private entities operating in Comino generally pack up and leave the island by the end of October, which means that the island could potentially be left without a police presence until a suitable transport alternative is found.

[Police] relying solely on the benevolence of private operators

“Naturally, just because the tourist season ends, this doesn’t mean people still don’t go to Comino during the winter months,” the sources said.

“If something happens and someone requires assistance on Comino after the end of October, there’s a high chance there will be no police to answer that call.”

The sources allege that the boat required serious maintenance work to its body, and probably the replacement of its engine. They were unsure how repair works on the vessel were progressing.

The police were contacted for a comment; however, no replies were forthcoming by the time of writing.

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