Josephine Borg, director general (Consumer Affairs) at the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority recently issued a public statement in accordance with Article 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap.378), to inform the public that the company ‘3 Repairs/3 Group’ has not honoured a decision delivered by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

A consumer had paid the company €49 to instal anti-pornography software on a computer that was being used by minors. After the installation was carried out and paid for, pornographic material was still accessible from the computer. Although the installer was contacted, the consumer was not provided with a remedy. The tribunal noted that despite being duly served with the notice of claim, and the date and time of the hearing, a company representative had failed to appear at the sitting, and the company did not submit a written reply to this claim.

The tribunal also remarked that the consumer’s version was credible and acceptable, and that the claim was justified. The company was thus ordered to pay the consumer €49, with costs.


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