A young confectionery worker who ended up with broken teeth following an argument with two men has been granted bail and prohibited from going to Paceville.

Luke Vella, a 22-year old from Żabbar, had become involved in a violent argument with two men who he felt were paying too much attention to his girlfriend.

He was on Friday taken to court under arrest and charged with grievously injuring a man, threatening him and disturbing the peace in Paceville on Wednesday night.

The man, whose tearful relatives sat in the courtroom throughout the arraignment, was also charged with breaching former bail conditions.

The prosecution said Mr Vella had been irked by two men who had attempted to seduce his girlfriend, turning upon them and attacking them with a broken bottle.

In the ensuing scuffle one of the men was grievously injured and Mr Vella broke his teeth.

A request for bail prompted objections by the prosecution on account of the serious nature of the offences and the fact that the arrested man was already on bail for a previous wrongdoing.

However, duty magistrate Anthony Vella, after hearing submissions by both parties turned down the objections and granted the man bail against a deposit of €500 and a personal guarantee of €5,000.

While ordering him not to approach Paceville, the court further placed him under a provisional supervision order and issued a Protection Order in favour of the two men who had allegedly suffered the aggression.

Inspector Matthew Spagnol prosecuted.

Lawyer Roberto Montalto was defence counsel.