The self-crowned warriors of good and justice are at it again, this time in the form of the Integra Foundation. It is interesting that one of the founding members of this organisation utters phrases like "for too long the silent majority has stood by and allowed individuals to spout their hatred under the guise of freedom of speech and Christianity.

Instead of bringing the Maltese together, prejudice and discrimination are pushing us apart" when efforts such as hers only aim to sideline fellow Maltese who have a different opinion through fear campaigns.

It seems that freedom of speech has become very subjective these days; if I agree with you, go ahead, if not, you should be punished for even expressing yourself.

I would like to remind the members of Integra Foundation that this "silent majority" they mention does not exist. All I need to do is mention a recent survey carried out about a couple of months ago which made headlines and still echoes in the ears of do-gooders who saw their mask of lies torn off in one fell swoop. The survey revealed that 97 per cent of Maltese do not believe in integration of foreigners who try to impose themselves on them.

This professional survey was attacked in the following days by the usual disillusioned liberals who soon saw their efforts fizzle out when many Maltese people started to pluck up courage to say "multi-culturalism is a myth!" through an endless flow of letters which started to flood many local newspapers.

ANR has been informed by an impressive number of Maltese citizens who tried to have their say against multi-culturalism that their letters were not even published, therefore one can only imagine how strong the resistance against these do-gooders is.

The Integra Foundation also added that "... the walk was not solely centred on the issue of refugees and asylum-seekers, but sought to address marginalised populations across the board - from the gay community, persons with disabilities, the sick and the elderly" which is a point that deserves a short analysis. ANR deems it unacceptable that all these issues are put in one basket.

Anyone can see the odd one out in this list of issues and that is clearly the one regarding refugees and asylum-seekers. Why? Because the Integra Foundation is confusing a number of important domestic issues which can be solved through education, with an issue that is a security matter that can only be tackled effectively with radical reforms. Such reforms, which are based on common sense and not hatred, have been underlined on more than one occasion by our movement.

It is a proven fact that such a mixed agenda, regardless of any possible goodwill of its promoters, is bound to do more harm than good. One only needs to mention the clash between the will to integrate refugees and asylum-seekers and the integration of the gay community. It is common knowledge that the majority of the illegal immigrants which are reaching our shores follow the Islamic faith, a religion which is very intolerant towards any form of homosexual behaviour.

The intolerance of Muslim communities in relation to homosexual behaviour manifests itself in different forms all over the world, from condemnation to verbal abuse, to physical abuse and even murder. An example of the latter took place earlier this year in Iran where two men aged 16 and 18 were whipped and hanged in front of a large crowd of cheering compatriots. This event was reported by many news agencies worldwide, including the BBC News Website, which added that "homosexuality is illegal in almost all Muslim countries, and is punishable by death in many of them."

ANR hopes that this part of the alien cultures which are being forced upon the Maltese people will not be included in the multi-cultural package which organisations such as Integra want to promote.

ANR condemns all kinds of discrimination which are based on unjustified beliefs or any form of hatred.

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