As a frequent visitor to Malta, I have shared a love hate relationship with the public transport system. 

In the Times of Malta of May 16, I expressed my confusion over missing timetables on bus stop no. 0916 at Chalet in Sliema. Diane Oswald of Transport Malta was kind enough to respond on May 24, confirming that the issue had been caused by damage to the bus stop pole, which had been rectified.

This week, almost a year to the day, the initial problem still exists. Although 12 services are listed from the stop only eight services are timetabled with services 13,14,16 and 110 missing. However, the issue is further compounded by the fact that services 212, 222 and 225 show two separate timetables. One set with a blue heading shows an effective date of June 10, 2018 and another on a green shows an effective date of September 30, 2018. Confusing, yes, and certainly no clarity for the tourist.

Perhaps the out-of-date timetables could be removed and the space created used to display the missing service timetables.