An American Congressman who had claimed he had been abused by a Gozitan priest when he was 11 and resigned in 2006 for sending sexually explicit internet messages to a former teenage male congressional page broke his five-year silence giving an interview to FoxNews.

His linked his abuse of a teenager to his own (alleged) abuse by the Fr Anthony Mercieca, now 77, when he was 11.

After submitting his resignation, Florida Congressman Mark Foley checked himself into a rehab facility for alcoholism, among other issues.

During his interview with Sean Hannity, Mr Foley apologised for his "horrific behaviour".

"It was wrong. I was wrong. But that's all I can do. Apologize and pray...

"I embarrassed my family, the staff, my constituents and the House of Representatives that I loved. I loved my job. I loved governing and being a part of the process. And I threw it all away. I have no one else to blame, but myself."

Mr Hannity asked Mr Foley if his rehab had been just for alcoholism. He asked him if he had been drunk when the incident happened.

"No, it emanated from the sexual abuse that I received from a priest. I was 11-years-old. When you are 11-years-old and your first sexual encounter is with a priest.

"When you grew up in the Catholic faith and you were taught the lessons of the, you know, 10 Commandments, do not lie.

"And the priest tells you first that this is good. Secondly, he suggests, keep it between us. And if you tell anybody, I will kill myself. That's a fairly horrific burden for an 11-year-old."

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