The market for office printers and multifunction products has been fiercely contested for years, especially because it is nowadays widely acknowledged that modern digital machines managed by complex yet easy-to-use software are a catalyst for any business.

“What differentiates us from our competitors are product efficiency and print output quality,” says Anthony Micallef, Office Group Limited managing director. “We also give our clients excellent service at all times. Moreover, the ever increasing demand for all-in-one solutions in office document flow requires a personalised approach which Office Group Limited is exceptionally placed to provide.”

Office Electronics Limited was established in 1980, in a time when the development of office equipment was turning towards electronic industry. In a period when very few companies in Malta offered these services, OEL was already supplying leading brand electronic solutions to its clientele. In 1984, at par with the growth of oil companies in North Africa, the company expanded its overseas department and in 1985, a sister company, Office Technology Limited was set up to cater for the needs of overseas clients. Office Group Limited was established in 2006 when formerly sister companies Office Electronics and Office Technology merged their operations.

“Today we are proud to have a vast client base both in Malta and North Africa, covering most large organisations, government departments and corporations. We are committed to provide our clients with the highest quality of products, achieved through close cooperation with all business providers whose products are part of our vast supply chain. This helps us ensure high quality tailored solutions at all times,” says Micallef.

“We specialise in document management systems and services, enabling customers to improve document workflow, cut costs and increase efficiency. The company integrates best-in-class copiers, printers and MFP technologies from leading manufacturers including world known brands Konica Minolta and OCE. Our product portfolio also features other premium brands including EBA, Laurel and Unibind.”

Since 1980, when the company was established, Office Group reached its peak in January, 2009 with the announcement that Konica Minolta, world renowned Japanese manufacturer in imaging business solutions, chose Malta in cooperation with Office Group Limited to open its Central Asia, Middle East and Africa offices in Malta.

Malta was chosen as the ideal base to keep one foot in Europe while getting closer to and improving relations with customers in the CAMEA market and beyond. Sales, technical and training facilities were expanded and are offered to more than 40 countries from Konica Minolta’s premises in Malta.

Having acquired a great deal of business experience in African and Arab countries, Office Group Limited is Konica Minolta’s valued business partner. In fact, in 2013, Office Group Limited celebrated 25 years as Konica Minolta sole distributor for the local market.

Konica Minolta classifies Office Group Limited as one of its preferred partners and distributors in the Central Asia, Middle East and Africa market. OCE constantly places Office Group Limited among the top 20 companies worldwide for its results and business development.

In September 2011, Office Group Limited opened, together with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Malta Office, a new head office building in Birkirkara. Spread over five floors, the business centre brings together all the group’s divisions under one roof.

“Since opening our purpose-built head office in 2011, we have everything in place to exceed clients’ expectations through cooperation with all business providers, whose products form part of our vast supply chain, ensuring state-of-the-art tailored solutions,” says Micallef. “This office also serves as a central point with distributors providing staff training, conferences and launches of new products in latest developments and integrated solutions.”

“One of our main investments is in our staff,” says Micallef. “We believe in highly trained staff, geared towards the ability to answer any client need and queries.

“We will continue to strive to be the company the clients choose as their business partner by offering products and services which continue to meet the customer needs through innovation and enhancement technology backed by efficient and reliable after sales service.”

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