Tech employers continue to target – and attract – many of Malta’s most talented individuals. Well-renowned as one of the island’s most lucrative career sectors, iGaming remains a huge employer, but is now being challenged by other sectors.

Blockchain, AI and fintech (financial technology) ventures are all now competing for talented candidates from Malta and beyond. With top-tier salaries exceeding €200,000 and even certain graduate roles topping €35,000, it’s easy to see why digital careers remain one of Malta’s most popular career paths.

Skillsets in highest demand include developers – those intimately familiar with the code and technology behind high-value products – but also a wide range of roles. Those with qualification or experience in marketing, sales, management, law, accountancy or professional services will all likely have explored the potential of Malta’s tech sector.

Now, though, in addition to technical skills and experience, the sector needs passionate and ambitious individuals to drive the exploration into new areas. Malta, and its business sector, has long held its reputation for innovation and creative delivery. 

Demand is highest, and competition fiercest, for certain key skills. For development and coding, demand for technical skills like Java and Python (the technology behind much of blockchain) well outstrip supply, and command a high premium.

Entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with an ability to work hard and take the rough with the smooth, is a crucial part of expanding the tech sector. As markets like iGaming mature, increasingly creativity will be relied upon to differentiate our companies and their products from the competition. Analytical skills are also in demand – those able to examine, explore and advise on the huge and growing volume of data that tech companies are amassing will become ever-more valuable

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