The Nationalist Party’s chief strategist recently announced that the opposition leader does not appertain to any ideology. This might sound surprising to some because one would expect a leader to be driven by principles and to use those principles for the good of their country. However, in this case this statement came as no surprise.

Bernard Grech’s lack of ideology has been apparent for quite some time now. It is evident that we currently have an opposition leader who bases his political narrative on what sounds better in Facebook posts rather than on deep-seated principles.

Browsing through Grech’s Facebook page, one can immediately spot his style: upon being informed of something he reacts immediately by announcing that he will fix it.  However, he fails to provide any details as to how he will do so.  Then the next thing comes along, he scampers to write another status about how he will solve the problem at hand, even if this completely goes against his previous statements. This narrative is not only resulting in contradictions but also in a dire lack of credibility. 

The leader of the opposition is so eager to gain popularity (and failing miserably at it) that he jumps the gun on every controversy that arises. His yearning to win votes no matter the cost is evident in post after post. Forget about doing the groundwork, researching proposals, understanding their requirements and ensuring that what’s being promised can be delivered. Who needs that anyway?

This approach sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to the current administration  as with the Labour government you know where we stand. Our credibility has been earned as we consistently build on the good that has been achieved. Furthermore, Labour has shown that it is willing to grow and do better as we learn from past mistakes. The Robert Abela administration has demonstrated its willingness to work on reform rather than taking a stubborn approach and keep pushing ahead as if nothing happened.

Our credibility has been earned as we consistently build on the good that has been achieved

This government is driven by principles of social justice and its commitment to create wealth that is distributed among as many people as possible. This is not just a buzz phrase, this fundamental belief is at the heart of various initiatives which have already been implemented.

With Labour in government, no one is left behind and the recently-launched New Hope initiative is a perfect example of this. It is a scheme that is aimed at truly giving hope to people who have a medical condition or a disability and those who had suffered from an illness in the past, by giving them the opportunity to become homeowners.

Their dreams can now become a reality as the government is stepping in to cover the financial guarantee that is required by the bank. This is just one in an array of initiatives that have been introduced and which are giving people from many different sectors of society an opportunity for a better life.

A politician’s word is his bond and the truth is that what we say carries weight. In a democracy, people make their choice based on trust and credibility, that is why people still place their trust in the Labour Party to keep leading our country. People know all too well that Labour is the party that delivers on its promises and that it is the only political movement that can modernise Malta.

Unlike the opposition, the Labour government is driven by clear ideologies and principles. It is a firm believer in civil rights and has implemented a plethora of reforms that have made our society a better one to live in.

Since 2013, we have experienced a substantial improvement in our quality of life, stemming from the ideas of a party that values equality and social justice.

We consider our word to be a binding contract with the public we serve, so, rather than committing to everything and anything without giving it a second thought, we have the courage to be honest and promise only what we can deliver.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that citizens want a government with which they can build a more prosperous tomorrow. A tomorrow where they can dream and fulfil their aspirations. This is why, week after week, we are seeing the prime minister gaining more trust and Grech losing more.

Yet, even on this, the opposition leader has decided to contradict the statistics and to  believe otherwise.

No matter where you stand, the choice remains between credibility or opportunism. The answer is very clear.

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