Nicolò CelegatoNicolò Celegato

A crib-making demonstrative three-day course was held at Manresa House in Victoria. The Għaqda Ħbieb tal-Presepju Għawdex-Malta 1985 invited artists Antonio Pigozzi and Nicolò Celegato to deliver the course. They are both members of the Association of Cribs in Italy and actively take part in crib conventions in Italy and abroad.

They also form part of the group Cammino d’Oriente. Pigozzi has a crib museum in his home town of Gazzano, listed as a must by Trip Advisor. Their works are found in various exhibitions not only during Christmas but also in museums in various countries all year round.

Antonio PigozziAntonio Pigozzi

More than 60 crib enthusiasts attended the course. On show were five cribs produced by five Maltese artists during a hands-on course held by Pigozzi and Celegato in Gazzano last year.

The course was conducted by Carmen Camilleri.


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